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Simply Southern Tote Bag

Get a great Boggs Bag dupe at half the price with this beautiful and sturdy tote made from wipeable and polyester-lined EVA material. It measures 18 x 13.5 x 9 inches and comes in 15 pastel and neutral shades. 


  • Swivel handles
  • Waterproof and tough


  • Comes with decorative plug options

Quilted Beach Bag Rubber Tote

This charming pink tote offers a refreshing twist on the traditional Bogg bag design, with a quilted pattern that infuses a bit of flair into your beach or poolside ensemble. It's a fun and stylish alternative, slightly smaller for easier handling, and currently available in a duo of shades.


  • Quilted design offers a stylish upgrade
  • 4’’ smaller in length, can be easier to handle


  • Limited color options

Jesslynne EVA Waterproof Beach Bag

This washable rubber Bogg Bag lookalike has the same structured, anti-tip style and roomy, water-resistant interior. It also comes in white, pastel blue, ocean blue, purple, green, and red colors. 


  • Practically identical style
  • Non-skid base


  • More significant than the original bag

Jane Eva Tote

This gorgeous bag looks very similar to the Bogg Bag tote. It is slightly smaller, at 12 x 13 x 4 inches, but still offers lots of room to keep essentials handy. 


  • Waterproof EVA material
  • Comes in 9 neutral, pastel, and primary colors


  • Slightly different flared top style

Temu Outdoor Tote Bag

This trendy bag is made from easy-clean EVA rubber with sturdy swivel handles that make it easy to carry or sling over your shoulder. It also comes in a hot range of bright and neutral colors. 


  • One of the less expensive dupes
  • Durable and easy to clean


  • May take longer to arrive

Simply Modern Large Getaway Bag

At $60, we get that this tote bag is a bit of a splurge, but it’s also a high-quality travel bag that still costs $30 less than the Bogg Bag.

Made from durable rubber material, this water-resistant bag features a waterproof zippered inside pocket so you can keep your valuables safe. It comes in 6 pastel, neutral, and primary colors.


  • Non-skid bottom
  • Color range


  • Higher price, but still a save

Rubber Beach Bag

Next up, we have this EVA Rubber Beach Bag, which comes in a wide range of 10 traditional neutrals, beachy shades, and primary colors. It is made from washable and water-resistant EVA material. 


  • Open the closure-free top 
  • Wet bag


  • May take a long time to arrive

Serra Haul It All Tote Bag by Aldi

This solid bag with a textured, non-slip base usually comes in coral, teal, or powder blue colors.


  • Well-built and retains form
  • Swivel handles


  • In-store option only

Futaiphy Rubber Tote Bag

This spacious and durable beach bag has sturdy swivel handles and many color options. Even better, it’s oversized to accommodate all your travel needs.


  • Sturdy EVA construction
  • Roomy and durable


  • Somewhat pricey for a tote

DHgate Waterproof Rubber Beach Bag

Looking for a giant rubber bag that will keep your stuff safe and dry during your adventures? Get this Bogg Bag dupe with its sturdy EVA material, breathable ostrich pattern, and 12 color options.


  • Durable and waterproof
  • Variety of colors 


  • Some color options may be unavailable 

Choosing the Best Bogg Bag Alternative

Thanks to its classic yet practical style and waterproof, puncture-resistant material, the Boggs bag is so popular that it often sells out. Even if you can find it in stock, it typically costs over $100.

While we think the original bag is worth it, there’s no need to spend that much on a beach bag since so many great and affordable alternatives exist. These dupes are so good that it's often hard to tell the difference.

If you’re trying to get a bag close to the original tote, it’s essential to look for the same sturdy, rectangular tote construction, features such as double tote handles, perforated sides, and a selection of primary and pastel colors. 

The Most Affordable Bogg Bag Alternative

Our best affordable Bogg Bag alternative is the Crown & Ivy Beach Bag. Made from durable and washable EVA material, this dupe comes in 5 coral, pink, green, orchid, and maize yellow colors that are perfect for any season.

Our Favorite Bogg Bag Dupe

These Bogg Bag alternatives are so good that picking a favorite is hard, but our favorite dupe is the Gomayee Waterproof Bag

This bag made the top of our list because it doesn’t flare at the top edges like some dupes, it is made from the same quality, waterproof EVA material and offers that same crisp and sleek silhouette in nearly identical colors to the Bogg Bag original.