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Mrsdry Travel Bottles

This soft and sturdy silicone set of travel bottles is both user-friendly and effective at preventing leaks. If you’re concerned about liquids leaking into your luggage, these bottles, with no-drip valves, are the way to go. This set is best for minimalists who carry fewer products than those with a more extensive personal care routine.


  • TSA-compliant size for carry-on luggage

  • Constructed from safe, BPA-free plastic

  • Includes four 3-ounce bottles

  • Comes in 11 different color set options

  • Comes with a clear toiletry bag for easy security checks


  • Doesn’t come with labels

  • No diversity in bottle type or size

Morfone 16-Pack Travel Bottles

Cute, user-friendly, and made from durable and flexible food-grade silicone, this travel set is perfect for travelers with a broad range of beauty products. You get two 1-ounce bottles with spray caps, two 3-ounce squeezable bottles, two 1-ounce screw-top jars, two 2-ounce squeeze bottles, two 0.3-ounce lidded jars, two mini scoopers, a funnel, a brush, and labels.


  • Comprehensive 16-piece travel kit comes with an array of bottles, jars, a brush, tiny spoons, a funnel, and sheet of labels

  • TSA-friendly sizes and clear bag

  • Durable and squeezable bottles

  • Food-grade silicone material


  • Slightly weak jar lids

Vitog Travel Bottles

Sometimes, simple is just what you need. These small clear travel bottles let you see how much product is left, so you’re never left guessing. The 11-piece set comes in 1.3 ounces and comes with an array of pump, spray, and screw-top bottles.


  • TSA-compliant for hassle-free travel

  • Clear bottles for easy content visibility

  • Comprehensive 11-piece set

  • Trustworthy leakproof design

  • Includes labels for identification and a toiletry bag


  • Single bottle size of 1.3 ounces may limit versatility

Gemice Travel Bottles

Made from sleek and basic leakproof silicone, these travel bottles get the job done. Each of the four bottles fits three ounces and is easy to fill and clean.


  • Conforms to TSA restrictions

  • Comes in 15 different colored sets

  • Broad usability for various liquids

  • Dependable leakproof construction

  • Simplified filling and cleaning process

  • Well-received with positive feedback


  • Doesn’t come with a regular toiletry bag or labels

Kitsch Ultimate Travel Set

Enjoy peace of mind during your travels with this compact and leakproof travel set. The flat pouches are lightweight and don’t take up much space. The set includes three flat bags, two miniature jars with a mini spatula, two pump bottles, and a mini funnel.


  • Great for travel with TSA compliance

  • Extensive set caters to different needs

  • Leakproof assurance for peace of mind

  • Can fit more product because they weigh less than bottles


  • The pouches can be trickier to fill than bottles due to the smaller opening

Insfit Travel Bottles

This set is perfect for those who like minimalist traveling and need a larger capacity for longer trips. With well-designed tops and squeezable silicone materials, these bottles hold up to 3 ounces and come in various colors.


  • TSA-approved

  • Good for larger products/liquid items

  • Comes with a clear toiletry bag

  • Comes with a place on the caps designed for labels to stick and stay on

  • Set includes 4 three-ounce bottles


  • Harder to get thick gels and creams out of the bottle

LiquiSnugs Premium Silicone Travel Bottles

Sleek, minimalist, and neutral, these silicone travel bottles feature a 100% leakproof performance and secure suction cups that let you stick them (with a little water to help) to a shower wall. The four bottles offer both two 3-ounce bottles and two 2-ounce bottles, so you can vary your product based on your needs.


  • TSA-approved

  • Leakproof, no-drip valve

  • Ideal for all genders with a neutral aesthetic

  • Easy labeling with builtin label selector

  • Wide openig for easy filling

  • Comes with handy suction cups for shower use


  • Might fall off a shower wall if water isn’t put on the suction cup to hold it in place

Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle

Tired of wasted space when you pack travel toiletries? Look no further than these durable flat pouches that reduce bulk and weight. Made from waterproof 30D Cordura ripstop nylon with welded seams, these bottles carry three ounces and are rated more compact and lighter than regular silicone travel bottles.


  • Space-saving flat design

  • Waterproof and ripstop tough material

  • Leakproof assurance for travel

  • Exceptionally light for easy carrying

  • More efficient than standard bottles


  • Price is on the higher side

  • More challenging to get the product into the pouch’s mouth

Tocelffe 18-Pack Travel Bottles

If you want a lot of versatile travel bottles or need to pack for the entire family, this travel set offers a whopping variety of 18 bottles for a super low price.

The travel kit features a clear, waterproof toiletry bag that contains four silicone bottles in 3-ounce and 2-ounce sizes, small creams and serum jars, spray bottles, mini spatulas, labels, a funnel, and a brush to help keep them clean.


  • Comprehensive 18-piece travel kit

  • Exceptional value for the quantity

  • TSA-ready for hassle-free security checks

  • Leakproof and safe BPA-free construction

  • Multiple container types for diverse contents

  • Includes a practical clear travel pouch


  • Like many brands, the small plastic jars aren’t as secure as the silicone bottles

Muslish 21-Pack Travel Bottles

This 21-pack of silicone travel bottles will cover all your carry-on needs and more. The set includes four soft silicone bottles, two spray bottles, two pump bottles, four cream jars with little spoons, a funnel, four toothbrush covers, and labels to tell everything apart.


  • Leak-proof design for mess-free packing

  • TSA-compliant for stress-free airport checks

  • Includes 21 bottles, a funnel, tiny trowels, and toothbrush covers


  • Not designed for minimalist packers or weekend getaways

Choosing the Best Cadence Travel Container Alternative

TSA-compliant and test-proven as 100% leakproof, Cadence Capsules has set a new standard for travel containers. They’re also undeniably pricey.

If you want attractive and effective travel containers that don't cost as much as a cheap flight, check out our favorite picks below.

We’ve chosen each travel container set on this list based on several important factors to consider when choosing travel toiletry containers. Aim for durable and leakproof hard plastic bottles or flexible silicone bottles with strong seals. Travel bottles get dropped, rolled, and tipped, so it’s vital that they hold up under travel conditions. Depending on how much and what toiletries you need to pack, it’s best to choose travel containers that will best suit your personal space and needs.

The Most Affordable Cadence Travel Container Alternative

It’s hard to pick the best overall affordable dupe with all the great travel bottles on this list, but we’ve narrowed it down to the Tocelffe Travel Set thanks to its value for the money, versatility, BPA-free silicone bottles, leakproof qualities, and durability.

Our Favorite Cadence Travel Container Dupe

These TSA-approved LiquiSnugs Luxury Silicone Travel Bottles live up to their name in terms of neutral appeal, various bottle sizes, labeling, versatility, and space-saving. The dripless valve ensures these bottles are 100% leakproof, so your products stay secure during travel.