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Ghuq "H" Throw Blanket

Enjoy the Hermès Avalon Blanket style and feel for a fraction of the price with this gorgeous dupe from Amazon. This soft, stunning blanket is sold for just over $25.

This dupe is so good that only experts could spot the difference between it and the designer's original. It features the same number of famous H Letters and is expansive yet manageable. It is made from acrylic that is so supremely soft, warm, and cozy that you won't regret it.

The blanket measures 51" x 63", almost a perfect match for the Hermès Blanket dimensions.


  • Features the same number of iconic H designs
  • Most inexpensive dupe 


  • Only available in Black and Khaki colors

Fcteap Warm H Throw Blanket

This lovely textile looks incredible and is a great Hermès Blanket dupe. This faux cashmere blanket has everything we're looking for: a soft, lightweight, and luxurious style that's only $40. It also mimics a designer look and recognizable H-Letter motifs. 

It only weighs two pounds, so it's easy to carry around the house or stash in a bag for travel. Enjoy comfort that's just the right size with this blanket that measures 66" x 55".


  • Available in 8 colors
  • One of the affordable dupes
  • Features H designs
  • Lightweight 


  • Made from faux cashmere

Soydan H Cashmere Throw Blanket

Faux cashmere material makes this blanket feel as soft as a caressing cloud. While this blanket looks simple, it carries a versatile appeal that's ideal for elevating your home or personal aesthetic. At under two pounds, it's also lightweight, more breathable, and ultra-warm. 

The dimensions measure 53" x 67". 


  • Lightweight
  • Double-sided
  • Features H designs


  • Not enough reviews

H Cashmere Blended Crochet Blanket

Stay snug as a bug with this ultra-creamy and cuddly brushed cashmere blend blanket. It's that perfect balance of soft and lightweight with just enough weight to feel like you're wrapped in a warm cloud. It's made from materials similar to the Hermès Blanket and has a similar color scheme and signature H designs.

This blanket measures 67" x 55", which makes it a perfect size for a cozy throw blanket.


  • Comes in 6 colors, including classic black, khaki, and gray
  • Made from cashmere blend
  • Includes H-Letter design


  • None

Large H Letter Wool & Cashmere Blanket

Made from heavy 85% wool and 15% soft and supple cashmere, this blanket offers serious comfort, a cozy weight, and great style. Whether you're reading, lounging, watching TV, or want a comfy car blanket, this hypoallergenic dupe creates a European aesthetic thanks to its H-Letter designs and luxe feel.

The blanket dimensions are 135" high x 165" wide.


  • Available in beige, black, gray, and red colors
  • Features H-Letter designs


  • Few reviews available

H Letter Cashmere Blanket

In case you didn't know, DHGate is a great place to find designer dupes for affordable prices. Their H-letter cashmere blanket is a stunning alternative with thousands of people raving.

If you love the Hermès Blanket, you'll love this little gem. It's made from cashmere wool and features knitted details with H-letters.


  • Comes in 8 colors
  • Made from cashmere
  • H Letter design


  • Dimensions not currently available
  • Shipping times can take longer

Italian Greek Key Throw Blanket

Snuggle up in style with this luxe throw blanket embroidered with Greek key designs. Made in Italy from 100% acrylic, this throw is super soft to keep you stylish and warm all season.

The Mark and Graham Blanket measures 72" high x 54" wide. 


  • Soft and luxe feel
  • H embroidery


  • 100% acrylic
  • Greek key instead of H Letter

Choosing the Best Hermes Blanket Alternative

Quality is critical to choosing the perfect Hermès Avalon Blanket dupe. The original blanket is a soft, warm, and luxe mix of natural Merino wool and cashmere. This gives the Avalon Blanket its famous silky and lightweight feel while offering enough weight to keep you cozy.

Since the Hermès blanket is famous for its white geometric logo woven into its contrasting fabric, choosing a piece with a similar design imprinted on a neutral background can help you recreate the coveted look. It's also a good idea to pick similar blended wool and cashmere materials if you want to create a sumptuously luxurious feel.

We've selected the best Hermès blanket dupes that are made from quality materials, mimic the brand's signature H Letter style or similar interlocking design, and combine style with practical comfort. They're gorgeous, soft, stunning, and affordable. 

The Most Affordable Hermès Blanket Alternative

Grab this designer dupe H Blanket from GHUQ. Its cozy cashmere + wool quality and similar design make it a Hermès Blanket dupe winner.

Our Favorite Hermès Blanket Dupe

The TOINSHO cashmere blend blanket gets our vote due to its soft appeal, high-quality materials, and design, an outstanding dupe for the Avalon Blanket. It's chic, ultra-soft, and light and features elegant blanket stitching around the edges for cozy style and maximum durability.