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RunChancege 14K Gold PlatedClover Necklace

It's a cute little necklace that nails the trendy vibe while keeping things simple. Plus, it gives off some serious Van Cleef vibes without the hefty price tag. Whether you layer it up or let it shine solo, this necklace is a no-brainer for adding a sprinkle of charm to your outfit. It's crafted from stainless steel, ensuring durability and a hypoallergenic option for sensitive skin. 


  • Sparkle from cubic zirconia
  • Looks Cute
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Comes in 4 colors


  • Some users reported it tarnished way too quickly

Fiklon Clover Titanium Steel 18K Gold Plated Necklace

The Fiklon Clover Necklace is a charming piece that serves as a stylish and affordable dupe of the classic Van Cleef necklace. Made from titanium steel and genuine 18K gold plating, it features a lucky four-leaf clover pendant on a versatile 15.7-inch chain with an additional 1.97-inch extension.


  • Durable titanium steel with 18K gold plating
  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Versatile chain length 
  • Symbolic four-leaf clover design at an affordable price


  • May lack the finer details associated with the Van Cleef original

SHINYY Four Leaf Black Clover Necklace Earring Set

The SHINYY Necklace and Earring Set is a more affordable option for those who love the Van Cleef clover design. With some 18K gold plating action and a bit of cubic zirconia sparkle, it's got that classy look-down pat. Sure, it's not the real deal from the fancy French designer, but it still looks pretty sweet—whether you're keeping it casual or glamming up for a night out. 


  • One of the affordable options
  • Cubic zirconia that sparkles
  • Strong chain


  • Only available in gold and silver

PRIMATORIA Four Leaf Clover Jewelry Set

The PRIMATORIA Four Leaf Clover Jewelry Set is a complete ensemble featuring a necklace, bracelet, and earrings, all gold plated and ready for gifting in an elegant box. Each clover charm shares the same subtle size, making the set versatile for any style or event. Thanks to the allergen-free materials, it seems to be a solid choice for those with sensitive skin. Plus, whether it's for mom, your sister, or your BFF, this set is just as good-looking during a casual day out as it is at a fancy dinner.


  • Includes necklace, bracelet, and earrings
  • Double-sided clover design
  • Easy-to-use lobster clasp
  • Comes in Black and White colors


  • Some users received it broke

Adornia 14K Yellow Gold-Plated Mother-of-Pearl Flower Pendant Necklace

This dainty necklace is a stylish dupe for the Van Cleef Alhambra Necklace. Crafted from 14k yellow gold and accented with a mother-of-pearl clover flower pendant, the Adornia Necklace features an elegant gold chain and subtle gemstones.

Run, don’t walk if you want to snag this exquisite piece that is currently 80% off for Nordstrom’s final holiday sale.


  • High-quality yellow-gold finish
  • On sale
  • 14k gold and mother-of-pearl stone materials


  • May sell out fast

DHgate VCA Gold Motif Necklace

Unsurprisingly, this quality titanium clover pendant is a bestseller on the brand’s website. This necklace looks and feels like real gold and comes in gold, silver, or a diamond version.


  • Budget-friendly dupe
  • Several color options 


  • The clover motifs look more diamond-shaped

Lutiro Clover Mother-of-Pearl Pendant

With a white mother-of-pearl stone, this luxurious, open clover pendant is one of the best dupes for the Van Cleef Necklace. Get the luxe aesthetic without the high-end brand’s price tag. Made from high-quality sterling silver material plated with 14k gold, the Lutiro necklace is stunning and durable.


  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Luxe look and feel
  • Made from sterling silver, 14k gold, and mother-of-pearl stone


  • Single clover pendant
  • No reviews

WDJ Exclusives Yellow Gold Over Silver Gemstone Clover Leaf Necklace

If you want a reasonable dupe that’s also well-made, this brand makes a silver necklace plated with 18k gold. You’ll love the dazzling gemstone faux pearl, onyx, tiger’s eye, and turquoise gemstone options.


  • Selection of gemstone styles.
  • 18k gold finish.


  • No reviews

Multi-Flower White and Gold Necklace

This white and gold-colored necklace looks like a dainty chain of clover petals. The EGO necklace mimics many of the Van Cleef design features, such as fine clover motifs embedded in gold rims and strung on a slim gold chain.


  • Contains several clover flower motifs
  • Classic gold and white color


  • No 18k gold

Francesca’s Ava Clover Layered Necklace

This layered, open clover necklace from Francesca’s has a braided chain design and a glittery, four-leaf clover pendant that might make it your next favorite necklace.


  • One of the cheapest dupes
  • Nickel-free
  • Lead-free


  • Not an identical dupe

Choosing the Best Van Cleef Necklace Alternative

The Van Cleef Alhambra necklace combines a minimalist, feminine design with fine metals, sparkling gemstones, and stellar craftsmanship. The clover motif and overall design draws inspiration from Moorish architecture found in historic Spanish palaces. It’s a quiet luxury piece that instantly conveys an old-money aesthetic.

A main thing to look for in an outstanding Van Cleef Necklace dupe is the signature four-leaf clover design that adorns the original jewelry piece. This motif is essential if you want to snag the luxury brand’s look for less. Other features include 18k gold and fine gold beading around the edges of each clover charm.

While we’ve selected affordable Alhambra necklace dupes that range from affordable to threshold investment pieces, it’s always a smart bargain to choose a well-made piece that won’t tarnish or break within a few months.

The Most Affordable Van Cleef Necklace Alternative

Exquisite craftsmanship and a gorgeous style give the RunChancege Necklace the stamp of approval as the best value Van Cleef Necklace dupe.

Our Favorite Van Cleef Necklace Dupe

A luxe style, fine workmanship, and 14k gold and mother-of-pearl gemstone materials make the PRIMATORIA Necklace a subtle, elegant piece that stands out in the best way.